Coagulate spirit in real-time through consciousness catalysis.


Ayahuasca is a paradigm of consciousness expansion, environmental communion, and transphysical apotheosis which results in healing and growth of the spirit, as well as deep contentment.


The alkaloid molecules harmine, harmaline, and tetrohydroharmine responsible for the potent bioactivity of this gift of nature are found in a more sustainably harvested plant than the massive Amazonia vine responsible for its name.  The vine can take over a decade to reach maturity (cite), and the source harvested here, Peganum Harmala seeds, are shed abundantly each year across the barren southwest United States, and offered to you here.


Your placement of attention, intent, use of voice, motor faculty, and apperceptive feedback loops will all drive and nurture the depth and direction of the phenomenon you'll generate, participate in, and be transformed by.  Although all Ayahuasca admixtures, critical and tertiary, such as ones containing DMT, are not included here, these ultraviolet-reactive exopheromones can deliver a cacophony of perception on their own.  Their message is low-octave and grounding.  The psychic realm they deliver you to undercurrents assumptive reality deeply and foundationally.  In fact, their scientifically-supported (cite) reversal of diabetes and regrowth of pancreas cells may be related to the sublime peace and sensory-saturation of what feels like background radio frequencies of an ancient presence.  Furthermore, if you have a material on hand which can be orally activated by the use of an maoi, such as in Ayahuasca brews, these crystals can unlock its potential and present you with a greater possibility of its interaction with your anatomy.  This is precisely how the native people of the Amazon built their extensive botanical pharmacopoeia (cite).


MAOIs are known to contraindicate some prescriptions and the protein Tyramine, which is largely, though not necessarily certainly, avoided. Please do your necessary research. Here is a good place to start:

Meta-Memes releases all liability regarding injury resulting from contraindications, over-dosing, or behaviors correlating with ingestion of these Harmala alkaloids.



Meta-Memes CBD Isolate


Meta-Memes CBD Isolate

CBD’s many applications are published about by objective studies in scientific journals and other publications free for you online. This is hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) with <.03% THC.  Distillate is derived under vacuum after an ethanol-dissolution and lipid freeze and filter.  Further cleaning results in a purity which is such that the repeating adjacent CBD molecules guide each other into a stable lattice we see as a crystal, such that electrical variance is uniform and conduction of the information-character of the plant exopheromone is stable for your relation.

You’re welcome to raw CBD isolate where the amount is clearly visible, so you know exactly what you’re getting, as well as guaranteed 250mg CBD moisturizing lotion, and 250mg quick-absorb topical CBD jojoba infusion. Like with all Concrescent Confections, deliverance of relevant quantities of described components is the main priority.

Legal Disclaimer: Meta-Memes is not claiming therapeutic or medicinal effects from CBD products


Achieve a higher octave of homeostasis

Brings a Dieter Rams-esque design sensibility to a product that has changed little in the past 200 years.
— Roland Johnson, The Pixel
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about the Fulton Cycle is that it’s simply a joy to ride and use.
— Jane White, Bleeding Edge
Mind-blowingly chic. A fashion accessory in addition to a bike.
— Becca Chang, TFN
The Fulton Cycle will spark a revolution and change urban transportation forever
— Amir Hussein, Inwidget

This one-on-one yoga class is designed for you to learn the facets of yoga that can support the ascension of ability from a beginning through an adept progression of the internal becoming.

In this unique lesson, we will:

  1. focus on an extensive set of complete body motions and highlight those upon which you wish to shed more attention.  Your breath, balance, strength, and flexibility will be developed.  Your visualization will be honed and will guide you toward your ideal self, ever on the horizon.

  2. Explore the biophysical foundation of that essential communication which ties the whole world of hyper-relatable subjects together, speech; and push the envelope of internal balance within the context of such a vectoral, linear behavioral creode.  We will achieve this feat by complementing the external flow-resistance paradigm of vocalization with an internal one, and explore the concomitant sensations.  Drone tone maintenance on your inhale and exhale will be the main technique employed, along with your awareness of the meaning of the terminal points.  Increase of breadth of vibrations is the goal.

  3. Forge a blade of self-direction from your pit of dependency through vibrating and toning your gastric instrument.  This will pull out stagnant wind previously pressurizing your digestive receptacle impressing illusions of need.  Your rhythm of exchange with the outside world will become more subtle, peaceful, self-aware, and purposeful.  

Thusly your inner and outer self more aligned and reflections of one another

Because the traversing of dimensions is one goal of yoga, the other facets of the Meta-Memes epiphany, including leveraging oneself against supreme salubrious bioactive nanotechnology, is advised and optional.




Spirulina, the sine qua non of nutritional staples heralds a new chapter of global human surthrival.  The Gnostic context of acidic insulin resistance, environmental poisoning, and farm animal holocaust wrought by monopolistic rice, wheat, and corn paradigms are laid to rest with this highly bioavailable alkaline complete protein full of a smorgasbord of phytonutrients.  Grown in controlled conditions, with a carbon-positive footprint depending on sources of electricity and culture media, your food could be a clean, peaceful iridescence between light, air, water, and mineral at a renewability of 50%/day.

     These tiny spirals with naught nuclei have thin cell walls for your digestive absorption.  The lack of fiber means relief from the onslaught to your large intestines previously necessary to stem sugar absorption or to scrape away putrefying carcass remains, having left carcinogenic byproducts through its habitat for anaerobic bacteria.  Their ratio of essential amino acids matches that of average human blood.  Their alkalinity heals a plethora of chronic debilitations.  You can flavor them to cater to any culinary prescription.  Their appropriateness is supported by NASA, the United Nations, and the European Space Program as the food of the future and the cure for global malnutrition.  They settle in your belly more gently than anything you may have ever eaten.  More fresh than any dried powder, seed, or grain, you’re supported by life happening right now! Be metabolically informed, give lift to your wings, and heal your body and the planet by forging a symbiotic relationship with the colorful little spirals.

 The traditional shamanic dieta whereby the magician eats “plain” foods to be in harmony with the vibe of plant teachers and pacify the hyper-dimensional gatekeepers of knowledge, wisdom, power, and the ability to cure vis a vis psychedelics can be maximized with Spirulina.  The fractal quantum ultra-plural dual-polar logistically-fuzzy inhabited transcendental super-conscious dimension possible through the Ayahuasca paradigm is bridged to mundane physical survival concerns through a philosophical, moral, and alchemical reduction of assumptions to base components and reorganized into a higher order on the linchpin of Spirulina. Single handedly, Spirulina can be eaten in near exclusivity (plus an occasional squirt of lemon juice and certain trace minerals if necessary) with magnificent health benefits while tolerating no insoluble fiber, and hitting main requirements of [Eliade’s and others’ distillations of] the traditional curandero’s conscious restrictions of salt, meat, sugar, distracting spices, etc. while being highly alkaline as well (harvested at pH10.5).  In fact, one can interpret sufficient Spirulina (such as the body builder’s .8g Spirulina/kg body weight benchmark) as a sense-enhancer in its own right. From a mythical standpoint, where eating as low as possible on the scale of investment into complex, sensitive, differentiated, self-aware, slow-growing, late-maturing, relatable individuals, as close to pure, unmediated being as possible, for the goal of achieving a perfect absence of destruction, Spirulina falls as close to the ideal bottom as possible while seeking amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates. Subtle of Spirulina is in the realm of Ayahuasca and Mono-atomic gold, which will be coming soon.